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Jackie Weiss

15-year old female Las Vegas driver Jackie Weiss qualified to practice and race with the SKIP BARBER 2-day advanced racing activities in the R/T 2000.„I’m excited,“ said the 15 yr Jackie Weiss „I am one of the 42 selected drivers to participate in the licensing course for the Formula BMW USA.“ Jackie Weiss is preparing to travel to Valencia, Spain in the first week of August 2006 in an effort to further her open wheel training and further her dream of professional racecar driving.Jackie Weiss wants to be best prepared for the BMW qualifying in Valencia by taking each and every opportunity to drive different race cars since preparation is key. She drove the Formula Dodge at the Speedway in Las Vegas and now drove the R/T 2000 at Road America. Both cars use an identical space-frame chassis as the starting point, and both use the 150hp 2.0-liter Dodge engine. But where the Formula Dodge has a conventional 4-speed Hewland gearbox, the R/T employs a 5-speed Ricardo sequential. The R/T composite bodywork is totally different than the Formula Dodge, and of course it has wings and runs on BFGoodrich G-Force high performance tires. The suspension set-up is different than the school car, too. Top Speed of the R/T 2000 is 135mph; 0-60mph in less than 5sec, and will stop from that speed in less than 3seconds.

“The Skip Barber Race Activities are for me the best stepping stone to pro racing’s upper ranks,” continued Weiss.

Look up more Info, Photos and Videos from Jackie Weiss at Road America at her official website: http://www.jackieskart.com


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